Thursday, October 17, 2019

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  • submitting an article, editorial or reviews;
  • debuting a concise excerpt from your research sharing a successful program;
  • reviewing and recommending human resource-related publications from the library and other disciplines;
  • submitting a speech tackling pressing professional issues;
  • suggesting a question for the survey;
  • describing how you manage new assignments and skill enhancements. will publish one-time submissions, but prefers that writers commit to submitting three (3) or more articles  in any of the following topic areas as it relates to pharmaceutical industries and pharmacy profession: Career Advancement, Research and development, Administration, Health, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Production Processes, Interviews, Opinions, Pharmaceutical Machines or non pharmaceutical topic areas provided it is health related.

Articles may be based on news, trends, or research. They may be written in first person or third person (though not in the same article, please). They, depending on the topic, may even be humorous. Article length should be between 1500-3500 words; though longer articles may be accepted by previous arrangement.

All work is submitted on a volunteer basis and it is assumed that no other publisher is or will be simultaneously considering a manuscript submitted to Pharmapproach until that manuscript is published, returned or written permission is provided by Pharmapproach editors. Any information supplied by you upon submission of article and certain other information which we may collect is subject to our privacy policy.

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