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Afrab-Chem Limited

Afrab-Chem Limited is a pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, borne out of the previous identity, Afro–Arab Techni-Chemicals Limited which was established in 1968 by a Nigerian-Jordanian group of pharmacists, chemists and business entrepreneurs as pharmaceutical distributors. In 1973, the company’s first manufacturing plant was established in Nigeria to produce selected drugs under technical partnership with

  • Arab Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company, Amman , Jordan
  • Zambon Group, Spa, Milan , Italy
  • Andreu Laboratories, Barcelona , Spain , and
  • OM Laboratories, Geneva, Switzerland.

Afrab-Chem Limited also has a sister company known as JOSWE Medical (Jordan Sweden Medical and Sterilization Co.) which is based in Jordan and manufactures highly standardized  pharmaceutical products such as Anti-diabetics, Anti-psychotics, etc., for international markets.


  • To delight our customers through innovative and effective service delivery in providing essential products for the ultimate benefit of all stakeholders.


  • To be the foremost provider of essential pharmaceuticals and health care products.


Afrab-Chem Limited has a wide range of pharmaceutical products which encompasses solid and liquid dosage forms as well as external preparations. Some of Afrab-Chem popular products include

  • Afrabvite (drops, syrups)
  • Panda Paracetamol (drops, syrups and tablets)
  • La-Tessen (drops, syrups and tablets)
  • Detonic (blood tonic for the family)

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Afrab-Chem Limited is strongly committed to producing high quality pharmaceutical products to the satisfaction of its customers. The company has continued to strive towards maintaining its position as a respected leader in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in Nigeria. With respect to this, the company has continued to operate at the highest standard of ethics and integrity in both business and professional conduct, in recognition of the customers’ rights to high quality products. Afrab-Chem Limited’s principle services include

  • Providing dependable high quality pharmaceutical products to medical professionals and patients in various communities in Nigeria and West Africa as a whole.
  • Contract drug manufacturing for institutions, governments, multinational etc.

Afrab-Chem Limited employs qualified, talented and highly motivated personnel from different professional disciplines who have the necessary skills and experience to respond to today’s, challenging drug needs.

Afrab-Chem Limited social responsibility

Apart from actively supporting several types of school sports, community ventures and individual causes such as scholarships and supporting families, Afrab-Chem Limited played a vanguard role in the success of EKO 2012 (National Sports Festival hosted by Lagos State in 2012).

Contact Details

Address: 22, Abimbola Street, Isolo Industrial Area Isolo, Lagos State, Nigeria.
PMB:  1647, Lagos State, Nigeria.
Phone no: 01 – 2700057, 01 – 2700058, 0700AFRABCHEM
Fax: 234-1-2700058
Email address:



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