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BCN Plc (Formerly The Boots Company Nigeria Limited)

BCN Plc (Formerly the Boots Company Nigeria Limited)

BNC Plc, formerly the Boots Company Nigeria Limited was incorporated in Nigeria on 12th September, 1960 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Boots Company Plc, Nottingham, England, one of Britain’s largest Pharmaceutical Companies with large International Business and considerable investment in Pharmaceutical research.

The Company became a Public Company on 14th February, 1974 and in compliance with the Nigeria Enterprises Promotion Decree of 1972, 40% of the company’s equity capital was acquired by Nigerian citizens and associations.  Later, in 1974, the company received quotation on the Lagos Stock Exchange (now The Nigerian Stock Exchange).

With effect from January 1st 1974, and in compliance with the Nigeria Enterprises promotion Decree 1977, 60% of the company’s equity capital was acquired by Nigerians and the company became an Associate Company of the Boots Company Plc, Nottingham, England.

On 27th February 1981, the company commissioned its Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant at Oregun Industrial Estate, Ikeja, thus became a Manufacturing as well as a Marketing and distribution Organization.

On 31st July, 1991, the Company changed its name from the Boots Company Nig. Limited to BCN Plc to reflect the new change in the ownership of the Company while still retaining foreign technical alliances.  The Company continues to enjoy high patronage of its product from the trade and institutional business (Government and other agencies).


  • To protect and enhance the quality of lives by providing innovative and affordable healthcare products and services. By recognizing and rewarding our best people we will ensure the best rate of return for our investors.


  • To provide quality, innovative products and services, with the aim of being the leading Healthcare company with a global footprint.
  • To become a leading Healthcare company with a global footprint by providing quality and innovative products and services.

Core values

BCN Plc upholds the following values as a guideline to its operation and business transactions:

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Excellence
  • People Development
  • Entrepreneurship

Products and Services

Since its founding in Nigeria in 1960, BCN Plc, has become the leading manufacturers and marketers of various Pharmaceutical formulations such as Beecodeen, Nerve and Bone, Calamine Lotion, Ivax suspension to mention but a few. BNC Plc also markets Agro, Vet, Cosmetics and Toiletries. The company has a network of distributors throughout the major centers in Nigeria, and retailers in all major towns and cities.

Contact Details

Address: Plot 3/5 Sapara Street, Ikeja Industrial Estate, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone No: +234 (0)8055669988, +234(1)496 1765, +234(1)811 6091
Fax: +234(1)496 1765
Email address:

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