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Chemiron International Limited

Chemiron International Limited

Chemiron International Limited, formerly known as Chemech Laboratories Nigeria Limited remains a household brand in Nigeria. Since its founding in 1987, Chemiron International Limited has always focused on manufacturing drugs for prominent health epidemics, such as anemia.  The company has gained extensive knowledge through extensive research thus making them a leader in providing nutritional healthcare supplements to Nigerians.


  • To provide a medium of healthcare, which is quite simply, superior in quality and at the same time delivers real health value to their consumers.


  • To become an African market leader in providing nutritional healthcare supplements;
  • To deliver noticeable differences to their consumers’ health, drive and quality of life.

Products and Services

Chemiron International Limited focuses on the manufacturing of pharmaceutical formulations used in treating prominent health epidemics, such as anaemia, with a view to delivering a difference. The company’s products are developed and manufactured through extensive and careful research on the physiological needs of their customers’ base, by complying with current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) as well as to the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) and using dedicated manufacturing and logistical facilities.

Chemiron International Limited current product lines encompass liquid and solid dosage forms such as Chemiron Blood Nourishing Tonic and Chemiron Blood Nourishing Capsules which tackles iron deficiency by restoring lost vitality with a combination of added ingredients to promote good health, slow ageing, tackle debilitating illnesses and boost work and athletic performance.

Contact Details

For General Enquiries

Address: Plot 12, Bock B, Metal Box Road, Off Acme Road, Ogba- Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone no: +234 (0) 1-2219899, +234-802-497-4774
Email address:

Sales & Distribution

Telephone Number: +234 (0) 1-7611976
Head of Marketing
Name: Rajesh Bhatt
Phone no: +234 (0) 8081676390

Corporate Enquiries

General Manager: Opara, P. I.
Phone no: +234 (0) 8035378141


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