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6 Striking Things Every Cancer Patient Had In Common

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Cancer has now become a growing threat to this world. About 1.8 million cancer patients are diagnosed in the US every year. But still, a sure-shot cure for this disease is yet to be found. The conventional treatments include chemotherapy and anti-cancer drugs which come with their own side effects. Other methods like immunotherapy and targeted therapy are still in their early stages. In the circumstances, it’s fair to say that prevention is far better than cure.

However, very little emphasis is being put on identifying and addressing the root causes of this fatal ailment. So, in this article, we will discuss certain commonalities every cancer patient has. This will enable you to know about the modifications that you need to make in your lifestyle so that you can prevent this life-threatening disease in the first place.

1. Constipation

6 Striking Things Every Cancer Patient Had In Common: Picture of a lady sitting on toiletHaving toxic wastes sitting in your body can give rise to multiple ailments, including cancer. A study published by the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) showed that people having constipation had 1.78 times increased chances of colorectal cancer (CRC). In fact, most of the patients who have cancers other than CRC also admit having chronic constipation at some point in their life.

Constipation is especially dangerous for women as it triggers the reabsorption of the excess estrogen by the liver and back into the body. This increases the risks of ovarian and breast cancers.

So, if you have constipation, you must get it fixed immediately to prevent any fatal consequence.

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2. Acidity

An acidic environment is the perfect breeding ground for all harmful bacteria and pathogens. It creates the most suitable conditions for a cancer cell to grow and mutate in the body. Hence, if you are someone who is dealing with excess acid reflux, you must work towards gaining some alkalinity in your body.

3. Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is another critical aspect to prevent cancer. When you sleep, your brain produces melatonin which is a sleep-inducing hormone. It is also called an anti-cancer hormone as sufficient melatonin levels strengthen your immune system to fight with the cancer cells in the body.

Chronic sleep deprivation impairs your immune system making you more vulnerable to cancer. A study published by the National Sleep Foundation showed that sleep-deprived women had 30% higher chances to develop breast cancer.

4. Extreme Emotional Stress

6 Striking Things Every Cancer Patient Had In Common: Picture of a stressed ladyThere have been enough studies over the years which prove the correlation between a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. Emotional stress alters with the chemical composition of the cells of your body making it more prone to cancer.

Luke Coutinho, a renowned holistic cancer healer revealed in an interview that almost 97% of his patients reported going through extreme emotional distress six months to one year before having cancer. So, if you have any emotional issues due to the loss of a loved one, divorce, property dispute, or anything else, you must seek some healing before they have a major setback on your physical health.

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5. Physically Inactive (Sedentary Lifestyle)

6 Striking Things Every Cancer Patient Had In Common: Picture of two kids making use of their phones

Cancer has a direct correlation with the lack of physical activities in one’s life. In fact, a study reveals that the US alone has 135,000 yearly deaths due to cancers that are attributed to physical inactivity.

So, one of the best ideas to prevent cancer is to keep moving. Not only does it ensure a proper energy flow in your entire body but it also boosts your immunity to fight the growth of cancer cells. That’s the reason why many cancer healers prescribe some form of exercise and yoga even for those patients who are going through their diagnosis.

6. Chronic Dehydration

Even small things can play a huge role in preventing life-threatening diseases like cancer. Without water, you have constipation, acidity, and low immunity. Proper purification of your cells happens only when you are hydrated. Thus, if you are dwelling in just two cups of water per day, it’s high time that you change before you fall prey to any serious disease.

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