Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Pharmaceutical Machines

Tablet Press: image of multi-station press

Tablet Press

Tablet press also referred to as tableting machine, pharmaceutical tablet press, tablet compressing machine, or tablet punching machine is a mechanical device that compresses powders into...

image of a vibration mill

Vibration Mill

A vibration mill is a size reduction equipment that applies the process of continuous impaction in carrying out its size reduction function. The grinding container is...

image of a roller mill

Roller Mill

Roller mill is a form of compression mill that uses a single, double, or triple cylindrical heavy wheel mounted horizontally and rotated about their long axis...

image of a pin mill

Pin Mill

The pin mill also categorized as a disc mill is a kind of milling equipment that can break up cellular materials selectively without damaging the starch...

picture of a cutter mill

Cutter Mill

Cutter mill is a size reduction equipment consisting of a series of uniformly spaced knives (2 to 12 in number) attached to a horizontal rotor (rotating...

picture of dry granulators (chilsonator)

Dry Granulators

Dry granulators are machines used for dry granulation. Dry granulation is a type of granulation process in which granules are formed without using liquid solution. Formation...

picture of a spray dryer

Spray Dryer

Spray drying is a one-step continuous unit operation that employs liquid atomization to produce droplets that are dried to individual particles when moved in a hot...

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