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Rotating Shape Granulators

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In Rotating Shape Granulators, the machine shells or the entire mixer shells rotate at a moderate speed around an axis parallel to the ground resulting to the mixing of materials and granulation process. Particle densification and/or agglomeration is by incorporation of a granulating fluid into the powder mix with low-power-per-unit mass through rotation of the containing vessel and/or intensifier of a cylinder and the rotation speed in rpm(revolution per minute) of the vessel is a function of the vessel size.

Although rotating shape granulators may differ from one another as a result of the vessel geometry and the type of dispersion or intensifier bar, no rotating shape granulator subclasses have been identified. Granulators that fall under this category of granulator are;

  • Slant cone (slant double cone mixer granulator).
  • Double cone (double cone mixer granulator).
  • V-blender with intensifier bar.
  • Slant V- blender

These rotating shape granulators have some advantages over each other. For instance the dead space that may occur in double-cone mixer granulator is eliminated in the slant double-cone mixer granulator design.

Advantages of Rotating Shape Granulators

  • There is minimal shear and attrition during mixing.
  • The granulator is easy to clean after use.
  • Materials are easily loaded and discharged from the granulator.

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