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Tips for Writing a Pharmacy School Personal Statement

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Like in any other field of education, a pharmacy statement is a way of selling yourself to the admission tutors by showing them why you are a great pharmacy candidate. A personal statement is an opportunity to detail your skills, strengths, and career objectives in pharmacy. A personal pharmacy statement allows you a maximum of 4000 characters. It would be best to discuss why you are interested in pursuing a pharmacy degree in as few words as possible while ensuring you stand out from the crowd of prospective students. 

Why is a personal statement important?

Statistics show that at least 50% of pharmacy school applications get rejected. These applications are not always denied because of poor scores. These students typically have scored just as good as their accepted counterparts. A personal statement is essential because it is what makes or breaks your application. This is because admission tutors are keen to welcome candidates who are genuinely passionate about and dedicated to the profession. 

What makes a good personal statement?

An excellent personal statement uses evidence. Support all your claims. It would be best if you remembered that the admission tutors already know you are trying to convince them that you are a suitable match, as are all the contenders. Sure, you can go on and on about how willing you are to learn, but it would be more effective if you backed such claims with real-life examples. 

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Common mistakes to avoid

It is important to remember that the perfect pharmacy personal statement does not have to follow a specific format. Remember that the admission tutors will only review your pharmacy statement for 10-30 minutes, no matter how much time you spend on it. This is not to say that you should rush through it but focus on capturing and maintaining the tutors’ interests. The tutors will review your statement from different angles, meaning you cannot afford to leave room for misinterpretation. 

Please resist the urge to follow a predetermined formula you acquired online or from your friends, regardless of how they scored on it. You may easily be tempted to borrow ideas from successful pharmacy students, but this will compromise your authenticity. The admissions tutors have likely seen numerous personal statements so do not embarrass yourself by submitting a copied statement. Besides, you want to show how passionate you are about pharmacy, don’t you?

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What to include in your statement 

  • Pick a specific pharmacy area you are most interested in and explain why you are interested in that area. Show that you are passionate about that subject (it helps if you are passionate about the area you choose to write about). 
  • Highlight your motivations for studying pharmacy. When did you realize you wanted to pursue pharmacy? Why? Are you able to support this with evidence from your life?
  • Describe your hobbies and extracurricular activities (especially if they are related to pharmacy). The goal is to highlight the skills you have gained from these activities and how they will benefit you in your studies as a pharmacist. 
  • Include any work experience placements in related fields such as nursing or medicine. Talk about what you learned from these experiences. 
  • Talk about your traits and qualities that you feel make you a good pharmacy student. 
  • Please demonstrate that you are a good reader by talking about recent related reads and how they have shaped your thinking. Feel free to respectfully share any views and opinions, always remembering to support them with solid evidence. 

How to Write a Good Pharmacy School Personal Statement

Below are a few tips to make sure your statement makes your application stand out and increase your chances of getting accepted into your program of choice:

1. Preparation

Preparation is key. Start early so that you do not end up rushing and producing a mediocre statement. Start planning early as you don’t want to be pressed for time.

2. Proper grammar

Use proper grammar and punctuation. Poor grammar makes for a wrong first impression. Polish your basics on grammar and avoid submitting a statement riddled with error.

3. Proper structure

Structure your statement correctly. Ensure the first statement captures your reader’s attention and then has a few supporting paragraphs. You have a tiny window of grabbing your reader’s attention, so use it wisely. Finally, have a conclusion that ties it all together. 

4. Connect with your reader

Connect with your reader, even if it means sharing a few personal stories. The goal here is to make sure you communicate who you are. A personal statement is a monologue to the admission committee, and if they can connect with you, they will like you.

Show the admission tutors that you are aware of the challenges that await you and that you are committed regardless. Talk about how rewarding you think this path will be for you, your family, your community, your patients, and the pharmacy practice itself. 

5. Include only Pharmacy relevant achievements

If you have lofty achievements outside the pharmaceutical field, do not include them in your statement. Include only pharmacy-related experiences.

6. Avoid plagiarism

Committee members can always see through plagiarized works, so avoid this at all costs. This will only destroy your credibility in the field.

7. Avoid controversial topics

The personal statement is not a discussion ground for questionable topics. Do not alleviate issues that disagree with the overall subject in question.

8. Proofread your work

Sometimes people miss tiny mistakes by not proofreading their work. Have friends and family check your work and act on the comments. Inadequate proofreading can be catastrophic, so ensure you correctly use your language before sending the statement to the admission committee.

As now you are well acquainted with the components of writing an impeccable pharmacy personal statement, you should have no trouble in getting admitted into Pharmacy school. Pharmacy school is about honor and prestige, and you need the best of luck in this noble endeavor.


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