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What are the disadvantages of tablets?

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Answer 1

  1. Some individuals experience psychological difficulties in swallowing tablets.
  2. Preparing tablets extemporaneously is impractical.
  3. When the dose of the drug is large, tablets might be too big for children or even adults to swallow.
  4. When drugs need to act very fast, the disintegration of the tablet and the dissolution of the drug from the tablet might be the rate-limiting step in determining the onset of drug action.
  5. Compression can change the physical properties, particle size, and crystal form of the drug that can affect the proper action after administration.
  6. Sometimes the chemical and physical properties of the drug make it difficult to overcome compression problems such as capping, lamination, and picking and sticking.
  7. Tablet coating can be very a difficult process to master, and it can also be very expensive.

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