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France Makes Face Masks Compulsory

by | April 28, 2020 0

With over 1.4 million inhabitants in France, easing the lockdown will trigger a second spike of this killer virus, but since the people are getting weary with the lock down restrictions, the government of France has eased the lock down, suggesting that everyone must wear face masks in the public, so as not to transmit the virus to another person.

The fear in this lockdown ease is the compliance of the public. Will everybody be able to get one and if yes, will everybody make use of the face masks?

In other to get this task done, the government of France has mandated as from today being 28th of April 2020, that nobody should be seen in the city of France without a face mask. The government has detailed plan on how to help prevent the virus from escalating while on lock down ease by allowing pharmacies to sell face masks to the public, 10,000 kits are to be given to a set-up mask dispensers which contains 2 masks and a bottle of hydrocoholic gel, strict order to maintain a distance of at least one metre in a crowded metro, set up synergy at the entries of every station’s exits, etc.

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The President, Grand Lyon Metropolitan Region, David Kimefeled added that: “We will make what we call tactile urbanism by setting up cycle trams … which would replace one of the crawling. In some cases, we would widen the sidewalks to facilitate the pedestrian movement.”

On the same vein, Fouziga Bouzerda, President of Stylal, Lyon Urban Transport Authority also said: “We are going to set up sound messages and that all have agents to explain referred distributors, but obviously, there will be one agent for each bus.

Other measures are also being put in place to see to the lock down ease regulation, for Lyon, known for self-reliance, having at least hundreds of thousand city workers each day, they are seriously working on limiting clustering of humans be it in sacred places, metros, stations, public transports, stores, restaurants, bars, etc. and by currently working on a non-contact machine for disinfection. But still, it might be tricky people maintaining this social distance of at least one metre and constant wearing of face masks.

Human beings are the most difficult set of beings to lead or control. The government of France would not expect perfect compliance with regard to the rules that have been put in place for an effective ease of the lock down. But humanly speaking, they have done their bit. That should be their consolation. The arrangements put in place to contain the COVID-19 pandemic in order to ease the lock down could never have been I place of the existing status quo.

That being the case, though it is a sign of commitment to the people, the government is meant to protect that it loses sleep on whether the populace would abide by the directives, the leadership of France has really shown leadership and should rest its oars. They have done what is expected of them. All they need do now is to count on God for the rest that needs to be done.

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