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The World Celebrates Captain Tom Moore’s 100th Birthday

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The UK veteran marks his 100th birthday with celebrations from all over the world for his message of hope and optimism having raised £30million to the UK National Health Service (NHS), and has been accorded an Honorary Colonel by the Queen at his home.

So many events to mark this great occasion took place. One of such events is that he received 140,000 birthday cards, of which included the Queen’s, the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, Prince Williams the Duchess of Cornwall and so many others. A fantastic cake which portrayed different aspects of his life such as the medals he received, the trains that were dedicated to him, the Honorary Colonel to the British team, RAF accorded to him and the performance for him of the hurricane and spite flypast of 3 loops were made.

It was a special day indeed for Captain Tom and his family, but also for the NHS and UK at large. His daughter feeling excited and astonished said: “When the hurricane was made, I didn’t think, I mean if you had tried to link it up, you just couldn’t have done it. We started this almost four weeks ago with a humble and a resolute target of a thousand pound. …we thought we could tell a story, win some more money for the charity for really good course and have good fun. Not even four weeks later, who could have known that we have been on the journey that we have been on. With the amazing British public support from around the world… which is embedded in our hearts.”

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She added that it is amazing seeing that the intent was met though their initial support was a thousand pound which would still go a long way for the raising, but still, “what can be done is already significantly imparting people’ lives for better, exactly what the intent was to support the crisis on COVID, this terrible tragedy that we are going through.”

It is all about our individual support irrespective of where we are, to make life better for everybody. It’s a moment of hope and she and her dad have laid an example. This act of his has united us by hope she said “What he has done, I think united us across society, across sex, across street, across nations…. We are united by hope and we need to stay together and I think he has given us a reflection.’’

Captain Tom hopes to live up to 200 years, and if allowed by his family, he would like to continue working. He needs to rest as suggested by his daughter for which other work surpasses this hope and optimism he has givien us in this strange time, a message of never give up. The donation is still on though it will close tonight and all would be handed over to the charity.

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