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Hope in New Zealand as COVID-19 is eliminated momentarily

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There was relief in New Zealand as from yesterday being 26th of April 2020, as there was just no-new case of coronavirus in the country. It was a good news for it appeared that the coronavirus is no longer being transmitted in the community.

Dr Kate Baddock, Chair of the New Zealand Association, said: “…there is cautious optimism here in New Zealand. Yes, it really is. We have managed to essentially eliminate, I think the term but not eradicate the virus. In every case… we have virtually none in the community.”

She believed that New Zealand was so effective in handling the COVID-19 threat to mankind unlike in the other countries because New Zealand has an effective Prime Minister and an eligible Director General of health and that they, the people were driven by experts, that they were compelled by evidence, persuaded by the experts, and done what was asked of them by the experts in helping to ease the COVID-19 in the community.

New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern said, “Of course, the ambition we all had is to confidentially …but with all confidentially, we need to move slowly and we need to move cautiously….” she added that lockdowns are not eased with utmost caution as government grapple with the dilemma of what the new noble should be.

Dr. Kate further explained that 5000 tests conducted as from 18th of April 2020, and that of last 10 days, as of yesterday, every single test done on members of the community, everyone was negative. She stressed that New Zealand had agreed to do what was asked of them in order to eliminate the virus and it is successful.

New Zealand indeed recorded a great feat in the containment of the COVID-19. That feat was the source of the sigh of relief as was evident in the report from the country. The relief and possibly light of hope that must have lifted their spirits was not unconnected to the displayed expertise of the New Zealand’s healthcare and leadership experts which showed in the careful and useful postulation as to how the pandemic should be managed.

Worthy of note and contributing to the engendered feat was the compliance of the New Zealand citizenry. That underscored their commitment towards fighting the dreadful COVID-19 pandemic.

Definitely, the doggedness of both party has paid off in what amounts to their ostensible joy.

Leaders and populace of the rest of the world, could borrow a leaf from this. Which means to say, that they emulate the example of New Zealand in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. This definitely would pay off also in their various countries because humanity is the same everywhere and whatever works for a set of humans in a given locality can also work with others in another given locality, counting on their firmness and this COVID-19 pandemic in New Zealand is the same with what is all over the countries of the world and there is the saying that “what happened before can happen again, if the circumstances are the same”. With this being the case, let the countries of the world follow suit in converting the COVID-19 pandemic as New Zealand has done.

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